Submariner Pay & Benefits

Job security, memorable experiences and a sense of pride are just the start. As a Submariner you’ll also receive a competitive salary plus additional allowances and benefits.

Much more than just a good salary

People from all walks of life become Submariners for the work opportunities, the job security, the exciting lifestyle, the friends they make, and the unique team environment. But the Navy offers many financial benefits too.

Good pay from day one

Enjoy a competitive salary plus generous super as you learn skills for life, plus more the longer you serve.

Special allowances

Get a range of allowances that compensate for the unique challenges of Submariner work.

Less spending, more saving

With nutritious meals provided at sea and subsidised housing when on base, you can put plenty away for your future.

Submariner Submariner

Excellent benefits

As a Submariner you’ll receive full job training and ongoing opportunities for growth and development, plus you'll enjoy: