Nuclear-Powered Submarines

Conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines are a game-changing capability, providing superior stealth, speed and range. Don’t miss your opportunity to work with some of the most advanced technology on the planet.

The AUKUS Nuclear-Powered Submarine Pathway: a partnership for the future

Over the past 18 months, Australia, the UK and US have worked in close partnership to develop the Optimal Pathway for Australia’s acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines. Key features include:

  • A range of opportunities for Australian personnel to work with and learn from UK and US Navies including through increased visits to Australian ports by the UK Royal Navy and US Navy nuclear-powered submarines;
  • Increased forward presence of Royal Navy and US Navy nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, to assist us in developing our knowledge base and industrial capabilities;
  • The delivery of three Virginia class nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy from as soon as the early 2030s, with the potential to acquire up to two more if needed; followed by
  • The development, construction and delivery for the Royal Australian Navy of an advanced, nuclear-powered submarine called ‘SSN-AUKUS’, incorporating Australian, UK and US technologies.

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Sponsored Study and Career Opportunities now available

Submarine technology Submarine technology

Ever considered a career where you get paid to work alongside your friends with some of the most cutting edge technology in the world?

You will be joining the Navy at a pivotal moment in our history. You may start out crewing our highly potent Collins class submarine and transition to our nuclear-powered submarine fleet.

Nuclear-powered submarines (SSN) are a game-changing capability. The superior stealth, speed and range characteristics of the SSN deliver a submarine that meets Australia’s long-term defence needs.

SSN-AUKUS will be a state-of-the-art platform designed to combine the strengths and innovations of each AUKUS partner into a highly-capable SSN.

sonar operator submariner sonar operator submariner

World-class Navy training will equip you with all the skills and resources you need to work in a close-knit team, and a new generation of submarines calls for world-class education and training opportunities. In partnership with the UK and US, Australia will commence a suite of initiatives to grow a sustainable workforce.

To prepare for a career working with advanced capabilities, you could benefit from industrial workforce exchanges to UK and US shipyards, training opportunities at UK and US naval nuclear schools, and education pathways to expand STEM opportunities. A range of university scholarships and masters programs are also available.

Submariner Jobs Submariner Jobs

For the first time in Australia’s history, you will have an opportunity to work with a SSN as we transition from conventionally-powered submarines. Whether you want to be on-board a submarine traversing the ocean, maintaining equipment in port or keeping our submariners safe with the latest data from the shore, there will be a role for you.

Delivering the nuclear-powered submarine program will require the collective effort of thousands of highly-skilled Australian scientists, engineers, project managers, operators, technicians, welders, construction workers and more. Opportunities in the Royal Australian Navy include submariners, shore-based support, command and control, program management, security, intelligence, medical, engineering and logistics personnel.

Pay and benefits Pay and benefits
Pay & Benefits

A career in the Navy offers a life full of experiences you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll earn a competitive salary plus generous superannuation from day one, with your benefits increasing the longer you serve. Additionally, you’ll receive a range of allowances that compensate for the unique challenges of submariner work.

Whilst at sea you’ll enjoy nutritious meals prepared by trained chefs plus subsidised housing when on base, allowing you to save for your future.

Camaraderie Camaraderie

Nuclear-powered submarines are a proven and safe technology. You can be assured Australia is committed to the very highest standards of nuclear safety and security, drawing from decades of UK and US experience with safe naval nuclear propulsion.

A sophisticated security and safety architecture will surround this program, building on Australia’s 70-year track record of safely operating other nuclear facilities and conducting nuclear science activities. Our nuclear-powered submarines won’t carry nuclear weapons.