Submariner Life

During your time as a Submariner you’ll get to socialise and keep fit, play a variety of sports and explore the places you visit when at sea. You'll have a great work/life balance and get to work with your mates every day.

Life when ashore

As a Submariner you'll enjoy a balanced lifestyle in one of the sunniest spots in the country – Western Australia. From the beautiful surf beaches and vibrant nightlife of Perth, to the hiking, biking and fishing opportunities nearby, you'll love life in the West. Your partner and/or children can live with you locally, and if you’re currently single with family based outside of Perth - the Navy will support you to make trips home throughout the year.

Accommodation Accommodation
Where you'll live
You will be based at HMAS Stirling on Garden Island, close to Fremantle. Some Submariners live alongside their mates in comfortable accommodation on base, while others choose to live in the lively suburbs that surround Perth. Parks, entertainment centres, malls and schools abound and the short drive to work is generally stress-free.

Life when at sea

A submarine is a uniquely challenging workplace, but for many Submariners there's no place they'd rather be.

Life at sea Life at sea
Standard working hours

For most Submariners, a typical day is broken up into four six-hour 'watches' or work shifts. During your hours on-watch, you'll operate equipment and perform your assigned tasks – but you'll also find yourself multitasking, which will make your work even more interesting. This means that in addition to your specific job, you will have a number of other roles to cover – such as steering the boat and applying first aid – adding variety to your time at sea.

Time off Time off
Plenty of time off

When not on watch you can kick back with a book, movie or video game, catch up with your shipmates or exercise. Onboard fitness equipment generally includes an exercise bike, rowing machine, cross trainer and weights, along with boxing gloves, pads and punch bags.

Submarine Submarine
Work and time off in port

On deployments or exercises you'll enjoy time ashore in places such as Sydney, Malaysia, Hawaii and even further afield. When alongside you’ll generally work an eight-hour day (which also applies to when you are at home on Garden Island) so you'll have plenty of time off to explore new places and immerse yourself in different cultures.