Opportunities for Students

A year full of new friends and new experiences. Get a feel for a career in the Navy.

Your options

Much will depend on whether you are still at school, or already studying for a degree. Choose what works best for you here.

Australian Defence Force Academy

Explore the Australian Defence Force Academy

Defence University Sponsorship

Start your working life with a great job and reduced HELP debt

Discover your path on a Navy GAP year

Experience life in the ADF for just one year

Opportunities for the degree qualified

Whether you are a recent graduate or in the middle of your career, a degree could fast-track you into an Officer role.

Where are you at?

Select your current status to see the education-based options available to you.


It's never too early to start thinking about becoming an Officer in the Navy. A degree will fast-track you into an exciting Officer role, and there are two ways to have your uni fees paid for by the ADF.

Australian Defence Force Academy

Receive miliatary and leadership training in parallel with your university studies, choosing from a wide range of UNSW degree courses at ADFA in Canberra.

Defence University Sponsorship

Study a relevant degree at your choice of accredited university, have your course fees paid form your appointment, earn a salary as you learn, and walk straight into a great job in the ADF.


Start thinking ahead to the excellent career opportunities available to graduates in the Navy, complete with a lifestyle that's hard to beat.

Defence University Sponsorship

If you're studying a relevant degree at an accredited university, have your remaining course fees paid, earn a salary as you learn, and walk straight into a great job in the ADF.

Graduate Entry

If your degree isn't on the sponsorship list it could still fast-track you into a rewarding Officer role, with leadership and professional development training.

Finished University

Whether it's your first job out of uni, or you're looking for a more exciting avenue for your qualifications, the Navy offers excellent opportunities.

Graduate Entry

Join the Navy degree-qualified and you'll be fast-tracked straight into a rewarding officer role; with vocational, leadership and professional development training.

Like some guidance?

If you're undecided about which route to take, a chat with a recruiter could really help. You can call us, send an enquiry, or visit your local ADF Careers Centre.