Adventure & excitement

Meet new people, see new places, experience new challenges.

Make a difference

Rewarding work that protects and serves Australia and the world.

Lifelong friendships

Join a team of like-minded people who inspire and motivate you.

Enjoy flexible commitments and a good work-life balance

Your part-time service is completely voluntary and designed to fit with your current commitments.

Part-time commitment

You can work a minimum of 20 days or up to 200 days. The number of days you work depends on the job, training and whether or not you decide to go on exercises or deployments.

Choose how you want to serve

Serve in a way that suits your lifestyle. This could be an evening each week, a number of weekends a year or extended periods away at sea.

No contracts, leave when you’d like

Unlike full-time Navy jobs, Reservists have no contract lengths, so you can leave whenever you’d like.

Initial and ongoing training Initial and ongoing training
World-class training

You’ll receive training to prepare you for your career as a Navy Reservist. Initial training courses will concentrate on foundational naval skills, so you’re prepared for life at sea and ashore. Some courses are available to Reservists have national accreditation, which can make you more employable in the future.

Serving away from your home Serving away from your home
Serving away from home

Depending on your job or skill set, you might serve ashore or spend time on sea postings. We will get you where you need to go, depending on where the job needs you to be.

Serving at sea Serving at sea
Serving at sea

You’ll gain skills to prepare you for life and work in the conditions at sea. Here's where you discover true teamwork and friendship. As part of a team charged with operating, maintaining and protecting your vessel, you'll gain the skills to multitask beyond your specific role as you take on a range of general seamanship duties.

Excellent fitness activities Excellent fitness activities
Fitness first

Our Navy bases have excellent team sport and fitness facilities, plus special interest clubs for activities such as dragon boat racing, skiing scuba diving and sailing. On our ships you'll find state-of-the-art gym equipment with personal training instructors who will design a fitness program and help you maintain it.