Business benefits

Reap the benefits of your employee’s new skills, training and character-building lifestyle. See all the reasons why it’s great to have a Navy Reservist in your ranks.

Upskill your employee at no cost

Your employee will receive additional, career-relevant training that will benefit your business at no cost to you.

Grow stronger leaders in your business

Navy Reservists acquire the skills to become strong, capable leaders within your business.

Higher corporate status

Employing a Navy Reservist will place you in high regard in the community and among your peers.

Navy Reserve roles fit flexibly with your employment offer

Part-time Reserve work is flexible. It allows your employee to receive world-class training and extracurricular benefits, while still enjoying their full-time career. It’s a balance without compromise.

Civillian employers can be elligible for compensation Civillian employers can be elligible for compensation
Compensation for employers

Eligible employers can receive compensation for their staff member’s absence through the Defence Reserves Support Employer Support Payment Scheme. The minimum rate paid is based on the average full-time adult wage.

Legal requirements Legal requirements
Helping serve and defend Australia

Many trades and professions are represented in the Navy Reserve. This collective skill set makes an essential contribution to humanitarian missions, emergency rescue operations and the Defence of Australia. As an employer of a Reservist, you’ll be asked for your support by releasing them for at least 20 days a year.

Join the network of supportive civilian employers Join the network of supportive civilian employers
Join the network for supportive civilian employers

Through the Employer Support Awards, news of your commitment to the Navy Reserve can be shared with your customers, the public and other businesses. Your support of your employee and the national interest will give your business the upper hand.

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