Add a rewarding new dimension to your personal and professional life.

Here is what you can expect from joining the Navy Reserve.

Professional and personal growth

The Navy Reserve offers unique opportunities, resources and training to help you become a stronger, more capable person.

Humanitarian help

You’ll have the opportunity to support important and meaningful humanitarian and peacekeeping initiatives.

Fits your life

The Navy Reserve is flexible with your current work and life commitments.

Everything you need to know about the Navy Reserve

From tax free pay, travel abroad and how to talk to your employer about the opportunity, here’s everything you should know about joining and working as a Navy Reservist.

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Support navy capability Support navy capability
Support Navy capability with your specialised skills

Many Navy Reserve jobs are specialist roles, so you’ll get to put your existing skills to use in an exciting and unique environment. Work alongside full-time Navy personnel to support humanitarian and peacekeeping missions overseas, as well as communities closer to home.

Protect your country Protect your country
Protecting your country

Using your specialised skills to protect your country is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Reservist. Whether you choose a role that expands on your existing skills or decide to do something totally different, you’ll share in the pride of giving back to your country.

How to talk to your employer about joining

It’s best to come prepared when approaching your employer about joining the Navy Reserve. Be concise and communicate all the positives of joining so you can get them as motivated about the Reserves as you are.

Start with the positives

Your employer's business will be stronger with a Reservist in its ranks. Tell them you’re looking for a new challenge that will test and expand your skills for the benefit of the country, community as well as your day-to-day job. Make sure you provide plenty of notice and work with your employer to manage your Navy Reserve commitments.

Talk about the training and opportunities

The training you receive will help you:

  • Acquire new skills in your trade or profession
  • Be positive and goal-oriented
  • Make quick, objective decisions
  • Manage time and resources efficiently
  • Be self-disciplined and self-reliant
  • Be a good team player
  • Become a better manager and leader

Explain the personal development

Working as a Reservist will make you a more confident and capable leader and decision maker. The skills you acquire while serving can be brought back to your everyday job. That’s good for you and the business.

Be prepared to answer questions

If your employer has concerns about the commitment, reassure them that it may be as few as 20 days a year once enlisted. However, it’s important to be honest about the upfront training requirements. Training can take a number of weeks and can be undertaken in one block or spread out across your first year.

Be proactive in thinking about how your work can be covered while you’re away. This shows your employer that you care about things running smoothly in your absence.

If your employer wants to know who covers your pay, tell them they may be eligible to receive compensation through the Employer Support Payment Scheme.

Remind your employer that people like doing business with companies that support their employees and give back to the national interest.

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