Explore the world

Be paid to travel the world and experience exciting new cultures.


The friends you'll make in the Navy will be with you for life.

Get paid to keep fit

Enjoy exercise and sport as part of your daily routine.

Serving at sea

A Navy career offers the opportunity to explore Australia and the world, all while you work and train in a rewarding role. While at sea, every person onboard plays a part contributing to the operation and maintenance of the ship to keep it running smoothly. You'll be taught to multitask beyond your specific job role and assist with a range of ancillary duties including seamanship and medical support.

Your days will be split into shifts known as 'watches'. ‘On watch’ is when you carry out your duties and 'off watch' is when you can relax, socialise, watch a movie, play video games or use the onboard exercise facilities. In that respect, it's not that different to an everyday job, except the view from your 'office' will change every day.

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Love your work and enjoy your play

An active lifestyle is an important element of Navy life, this doesn't stop just because you're serving at sea. Enjoy daily group personal training in the onboard fitness facilities, or play group sports like hockey out on the deck. We believe hard work should be rewarded with appropriate down time, and you'll be provided opportunity to relax. Kick back with a cuppa and chat to friends, catch up on emails, you might even join in a friendly video game competition with your mates.

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Time off and time in port

It’s not all life at sea in the Navy. Even when assigned to a ship, you could spend a couple of months at sea, followed by a few months in your home port. It all depends on your job, the ship’s program and the type of ship you’re posted to.

Being stationed on a ship in port doesn’t mean you stay onboard the entire time. You’ll be given ample opportunity to catch up with family and friends or explore the surrounding area. Or you may find yourself in a foreign country where you’re free to immerse yourself in exciting new cultures and communities.

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Staying connected

It's important to stay in touch with your loved ones, so at sea you'll have access to Wi-Fi and emails at most times. You can also receive care packages from family and friends that can include anything from home cooked snacks to recorded copies of your favourite TV shows.

Working ashore

Every job role in the Navy involves time spent ashore, where you'll have the opportunity to enjoy all the facilities your base has to offer. Much like a regular job, you'll work a standard day with a morning start time and afternoon knock off. If you're a trainee, you might live in Navy accommodation on base. On completion of your training, you’re given the flexibility to either continue living on base or you can opt for rental accommodation subsidised by the Navy.

Where you will be based Where you will be based
Where you will be based

Navy bases and ports are located all around Australia in some of our countries most pristine coastal locations. Depending on your role, you could find yourself in stunning Jervis Bay, Rockingham in WA or even Potts Point in the heart of Sydney – just to name a few.

Paid to keep fit Paid to keep fit
Paid to stay fit

Staying active is a key element of life in the Navy. Not only will your base offer you all the facilities and group training sessions you need to keep in top shape, we also make it a part of your daily role so you're paid to train too. Whether you like to hit the gym, play a team sport, or swim laps in the pool — you can choose a workout that suits you.

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Entertainment on tap

Navy bases are equipped with excellent social and entertainment facilities. You’ll often find cafés and bars, TV rooms, quiet areas, as well as gyms and pools. You may even be able to invite guests onto Navy bases to enjoy a drink or BBQ with you.


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