A Navy career offers far more than just rewarding work, a competitive salary package and an exciting lifestyle with opportunities to travel. You'll receive many material benefits too.

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Free medical and dental care

It's important to remain healthy in the Navy, and fit for duty. So you'll receive free healthcare services ashore and at sea, provided by highly trained doctors, dentists and nurses working in modern, well-equipped clinics and hospitals.

Sport and Fitness Sport and Fitness
Free sport and fitness facilities

You'll find everything you need to play sport and keep fit on base, plus special interest clubs for activities such as dragon boat racing, skiing, scuba diving and sailing. Ships and submarines have gym equipment too plus other avenues for exercise.

Subsidised accommodation

You may have to move around during your Navy career, so we provide assistance with housing. During training you'll live on base; then after that whether you rent or buy, the ADF may help with the costs including providing home loan subsidies.

Flexibility Flexibility
Find flexibility in the way you can serve

People who join the full-time Navy are commonly expected to work on a full-time basis. However the ADF has flexible work arrangements available such as the ability to work from home, work from another location or work outside your normal core hours.

With approval from Navy and subject to service capability requirements, you may be able to work part-time to suit your current situation. Applications will only be considered after completion of recruit and Initial Employment Training, which will typically be several months after appointment/enlistment.

Travel Travel
Opportunities to travel

Exploring the world is one of the biggest perks of working with the Navy; engaging with communities from overseas as well as personnel from other Navies. The experiences you share will last you a lifetime, as will the friendships you make along the way.

Basic annual leave

You will receive five weeks per year (increasing to six if posted to a sea-going vessel).

Long service leave

Following 10 years of service, you will be eligible for three months of Long Service leave.

Maternity leave

52 weeks maternity leave, with the first 14 weeks at full pay, is available to women who have served in the Navy for 12 months or more.

Compassionate travel

In compassionate circumstances involving immediate family members, the Navy will assist with arrangements such as flights and airport transfers, to get you home.

Compassionate leave

In the unfortunate event that a close relative becomes seriously ill or passes away, compassionate leave may be available.

Other types of leave

You may also be eligible for other types of leave, such as parental leave and leave without pay.